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Alexis Hinnant

Since the beginning of time... well... since I discovered the internet, let’s say probably around 13 years old, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with it. From creating an account on Tumblr, to my very first tweet, to my brief dedication to becoming a YouTuber and making a dramatic debut at VidCon, to my current- well established and certainly well-known social media presence. But it wasn’t always this way.

I’m sitting at my computer, 13 years old, not knowing much about anything, with an entire world at my fingertips. What was I going to do with it? I knew two things, I loved music and pop culture and watching award shows was as important to me as my wedding day.

There was only one thing that could happen next. I made a fan account. I was suddenly a full time stan, or a super fan if you will. This is when I began to understand the power that mustering up a social media account can truly have. At first, no one really knew who I was. Through relatable posts and commentary on my favorite music artists, I started to garner thousands and thousands of followers who were also fan accounts, but most importantly regular people just like me.



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